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Next Release – Final batch of features

Our next release (SmartClient 10.1 / Smart GWT 5.1) is just days away. As you probably know, we already published two blogs listing several of the upcoming features: http://blog.isomorphic.com/even-more-10-1-5-1-features/ http://blog.isomorphic.com/a-better-user-experience-and-a-sneak-peek-at-the-next-release/ Here is the final batch of features (excluding 1 or 2 stragglers) … Two New Components: “Deck” and “NavPanel”, with Tool Support The “Deck” component: manages the mutually exclusive display of a set of components (like...

New Mobile Features Optimize User Experience

The Isomorphic Enterprise Mobile Application Strategy Many analysts, MEAP providers and other “experts” promote a mobile enterprise application platform strategy that was developed for consumer offerings (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). At Isomorphic Software, we realize that Enterprise users and Consumer users have very different needs and usage patterns. So our strategy is different: Built in mobile adaption that allows you to code...


Announcing SmartGWT.mobile beta

What is SmartGWT.mobile? We’re very pleased to announce the release of SmartGWT.mobilebeta, our long-awaited mobile framework based on the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). It contains a complete set of visual widgets and data binding services created for building mobile applications. SmartGWT.mobile is designed primarily for building extremely lightweight applications for smartphones.  Through advanced use of HTML5 and CSS3, SmartGWT.mobile applications...

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