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The Isomorphic Software Blog

Customer Success: Bespoke Web App Development

Most enterprises have innovative ideas for business applications that would streamline operations, generate more revenue, or provide some other competitive advantage. For a variety of reasons (don’t have the skills in house, don’t have available resources, etc.), these solutions often don’t get built. There are of course companies out there willing to develop custom web applications on their behalf. We...

Top 10 License FAQs

We thought it might be useful to proactively provide answers to the licensing questions we’re asked most often. Here goes: #1 Which should I use? SmartClient or Smart GWT? What is the difference? SmartClient and Smart GWT are “sister technologies” with a common Ajax / HTML5 runtime. Both technologies provide: a zero-install Ajax/HTML5 client engine rich user interface components & services client-server databinding systems...