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Field-Level Declarative Security

What is it? The Declarative Security system allows you to declare security rules directly in your DataSources using XML attributes. While previous releases allowed for control of individual DataSource operations, Field-Level Declarative Security (coming soon in Smart GWT 3.0 and SmartClient 8.2) will enable role-based access control to specific operations on fields. This allows restriction […]

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Smart GWT 3.0 and SmartClient 8.2 Release Sale / Charts move to Pro

Release Sale (coming soon) We’re pleased to announce that Smart GWT 3.0 and SmartClient 8.2 will be available for download in just a few weeks. In celebration of the 3.0/8.2 release, you will be able to purchase new licenses or upgrade existing licenses at 30% off until the end of the year Friday, January 20th, 2012. […]

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Smart GWT 3.x / SmartClient 8.x Feature Roadmap

Today, to help our customers plan for the future, we’re announcing features that are planned for the 3.x series of Smart GWT releases and the 8.x series of SmartClient releases. Several of these features are available in nightly builds now, with documentation and samples – see below for details on how to download and where […]

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Drawing Cross Browser Vector Graphics

Our new Drawing Module was created to answer a simple question: How do I draw in the browser? If you’ve ever wanted to draw and modify non-rectilinear, browser-native shapes in your web applications, then our new Drawing Module was designed with you in mind. Create, manipulate, and edit arbitrary shapes and styles within your applications […]

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Introducing the CubeGrid

What is a CubeGrid? The CubeGrid is a high-end data analysis engine that wraps OLAP cube functionality into a single interactive grid component for fast access to multidimensional data and calculations. The CubeGrid enables you to view, analyze, and extract data using any standard data source from multiple perspectives.  They are typically used as front-ends […]

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Welcome to the Isomorphic Public Wiki

We are happy to announce the launch of our first public wiki located at: Our new wiki is part of an ongoing effort to bring our developer community the best, most relevant content possible for creating applications on the SmartClient and Smart GWT platforms. Here you’ll find developers from around the world writing about […]

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SmartGWT 2.5 / SmartClient 8.1 Released

Smart GWT 2.5 and SmartClient 8.1 have been released!  Download the new releases here. New Chart Modes: Pie, Doughnut, Bar (with Power + Analytics) The FacetChart has picked up several new modes that now make it a superset of our existing FusionChart support.  Like the existing charting modes, users can swap between the different chart […]

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