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Category: SmartClient

Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1 Released

The Isomorphic team is happy to announce the immediate availability of Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1. This release includes a huge number of new, useful features that have been carefully selected to supercharge your productivity and refine the user interface. For more information about the new features listed below, please see our last three blog posts; New Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1...

More Features for Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1

Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1 is almost here, so today we’re announcing a few more features you’ll see in the new release. These are in addition to the previously announced features in our last post, New Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1 Features, and are ready to use in the latest nightly builds. Nightly builds come complete with samples and documentation, and are more stable than...

New Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1 Features

The upcoming Smart GWT 4.1 / SmartClient 9.1 release is getting close to feature complete, so today we’re announcing details of several of the new features in this release. These features are ready to use in the latest nightly builds, complete with samples and documentation. As always, our nightly development builds are more stable than the word “nightly” might imply – these builds...