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Smart GWT 3.1 / SmartClient 8.3 Feature Roadmap

While it’s only been a short while since our last product announcement, we certainly haven’t been sitting idle. We’re very excited to share a few of the great things we’ve been working on for the next release of Smart GWT and SmartClient. If there’s a feature you’ve been wishing for and it’s not on this […]

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Smart GWT 3.x / SmartClient 8.x Feature Roadmap

Today, to help our customers plan for the future, we’re announcing features that are planned for the 3.x series of Smart GWT releases and the 8.x series of SmartClient releases. Several of these features are available in nightly builds now, with documentation and samples – see below for details on how to download and where […]

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SmartGWT Enterprise Edition available

The first release of SmartGWT Enterprise Edition is now available. Download it here.  Check out the Showcase here. What is it? SmartGWT Enterprise Edition (SmartGWT EE for short) is to SmartGWT what SmartClient Enterprise Edition is to SmartClient – an enterprise version of the product that includes Java Server side functionality, additional tools, and a […]

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Announcing SmartGWT

Yes, it’s true! A project has been underway for some time to create a GWT (Google Web Toolkit) wrapper for SmartClient. The project, dubbed SmartGWT, will be made available under the same LPGLv3 license as SmartClient LGPL, with commercial licensing available as well. It will be hosted on Google Code with public SVN access, and […]

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SmartClient 7.0

This is a sneak peak at some of the features planned for SmartClient 7.0. FilterBuilder / AdvancedCriteria The FilterBuilder is a form that allows the user to input advanced search criteria, including operators on field values such as “less than”, and sub-clauses using “AND” and “OR” operators.  See screenshot below: As you can guess, the […]

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