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Advanced HTML5 interfaces for .NET

If you’re a .NET developer or you know a .NET developer, you may have heard about the confusing situation facing enterprise web developers on the .NET platform: Silverlight is basically deprecated ASP.NET is severely dated HTML5 is the future, but using raw HTML5 directly is way too low-level SmartClient and Smart GWT provide the powerful […]

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Drawing Cross Browser Vector Graphics

Our new Drawing Module was created to answer a simple question: How do I draw in the browser? If you’ve ever wanted to draw and modify non-rectilinear, browser-native shapes in your web applications, then our new Drawing Module was designed with you in mind. Create, manipulate, and edit arbitrary shapes and styles within your applications […]

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HTML5 Charts with mobile support

A new HTML5-based charting engine is now available as part of the Analytics module – download the Smart GWT or SmartClient Evaluation to try it out. This charting engine is based on the Drawing module (which will also be available soon for direct use), which provides a cross-platform vector graphics engine that uses VML in […]

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