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Databound dragging in SmartClient 7.0

One of SmartClient’s most powerful and popular features is built-in support for dragging between grids and trees that you can simply enable with property settings. That’s pretty easily understood and has been a part of SmartClient since 2001. What’s new and more interesting is what should happen when you have a databound grid connected to […]

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Catching dangling commas in Aptana

Aptana can be configured to catch one of the most common Javascript programming errors: the dreaded “dangling comma”, an extra comma left trailing after the last property in an object literal. This problem can be fiendishly difficult to spot, particularly if you have a complex, nested arrangement of object literals. Aptana can point you at […]

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SmartClient plugin for Aptana

We’re pleased to announce a beta release of the SmartClient plugin for Aptana Studio. Among other features, this plugin provides code auto-completion for SmartClient APIs, boosting your efficiency and making it easier to learn and discover SmartClient’s rather vast functionality. Eclipse fans, take note: Aptana can be installed as an Eclipse plugin, so this will […]

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