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New Release Preview (Part III)

This is the third post about our upcoming release: SmartClient 11.1 | Smart GWT 6.1. Previous posts can be seen here: Part I – Histogram chart, Selenium image load check, Grid support for auto-sizing to wrapped titles Part II – Scrolling charts, Visual builder DataSource Validators, Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V   Here are a few more 11.1 | 6.1 features: Audio […]

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Our Experience with DevOps

These days, there are numerous conferences, news articles, training courses and discussions going on around DevOps. As I am sure you know, DevOps breaks down barriers between Development, Operations and QA, improving communication & collaboration, all with the goal of releasing higher quality products more frequently. How we got started We founded Isomorphic in 1998. Right from the start – […]

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