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Available NOW: SmartClient 10.1 / Smart GWT 5.1

The SmartClient 10.1 | Smart GWT 5.1 release is here and it’s a good one!  What’s in 10.1 | 5.1 ? You can find lots of details in the blogs below: Next Release – Final batch of features Even more 10.1 / 5.1 features A better user experience (and a sneak peek at the next release)   Here’s […]

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Next Release – Final batch of features

Our next release (SmartClient 10.1 / Smart GWT 5.1) is just days away. As you probably know, we already published two blogs listing several of the upcoming features: Here is the final batch of features (excluding 1 or 2 stragglers) … Two New Components: “Deck” and “NavPanel”, with Tool Support The “Deck” component: manages the mutually exclusive display of […]

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