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SmartClient plugin for Aptana

We’re pleased to announce a beta release of the SmartClient plugin for Aptana Studio. Among other features, this plugin provides code auto-completion for SmartClient APIs, boosting your efficiency and making it easier to learn and discover SmartClient’s rather vast functionality. Eclipse fans, take note: Aptana can be installed as an Eclipse plugin, so this will […]

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The Ajax Renaissance

In his blog “The Clever Monkey“, Curl’s VP of Developer Relations, Richard Monson-Haefel, writes about a new feature coming in IE8, stunningly, citing new Ajax features in IE as signs of the “End of Ajax”. Richard does not seem to be aware that the XMLHttpRequest API – sometimes called the “X” in Ajax – was a Microsoft […]

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SmartClient 7.0

This is a sneak peak at some of the features planned for SmartClient 7.0. FilterBuilder / AdvancedCriteria The FilterBuilder is a form that allows the user to input advanced search criteria, including operators on field values such as “less than”, and sub-clauses using “AND” and “OR” operators.  See screenshot below: As you can guess, the […]

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